About the Author

About the Author
Monica Moussighi: From Non-Runner to Marathon Aspirant

Meet Monica Moussighi, the unexpected running guru who decided to flip the bird to the odds and become a fitness badass in her 40s. Monica, a self-proclaimed stranger to athletic prowess, took on the challenge of a lifetime at the ripe age of 44. She was dead set on proving that she could break through her perceived limitations and show the world what she was made of.

Armed with determination and a shiny new pair of running shoes, Monica embarked on her quest for a healthier and more active lifestyle. Step by step, she built up her stamina and conquered those pesky hurdles that love to taunt beginners in the world of running.


But this wasn’t just about exercise for Monica. Oh no. As she pounded the pavement with the rhythmic grace of a rebellious rockstar, running morphed into something more. It became her personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Each mile she conquered fueled her confidence, and now she’s eyeing the granddaddy of all running challenges: a freaking marathon. Now it might take a year – or it might take 2 – but she’s stubborn, and will get it done!

Monica’s story is the ultimate mic drop for resilience and personal transformation. She embraced the brutal challenges of marathon training, pushing herself beyond what she once thought possible. Along the way, she’s soaked up invaluable lessons in dedication, discipline, and the sheer awesomeness of the human spirit.

But Monica’s not just in it for herself. No, sir. She wants to light a fire under anyone who finds themselves in a similar boat – folks who never considered themselves athletes or had any desire to chase after sports. Through her writing, Monica aims to ignite a spark of inspiration in others, urging them to break free from their cozy comfort zones, take a leap into the unknown, and unlock the incredible potential within.

Monica’s journey serves as a reminder that you’re never too damn old to blaze a new trail, challenge yourself, and rewrite your own damn story. With her sights locked on that marathon finish line, Monica continues to shatter expectations and inspire others to dream big, hustle hard, and embrace the breathtaking beauty of their own personal journeys.

So, come on and join Monica as she spills the tea on her experiences, drops some serious knowledge bombs, and gives you a front-row seat to the rollercoaster ride of her life. Whether you’re a running pro, a total rookie, or just someone craving a kick in the pants to make positive changes, Monica’s words will hit you right in the feels and remind you that when you put your mind to it, anything is freakin’ possible.

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